The purpose of the Young at Heart Ministry is to involve our “senior” members in the work of Madison congregation.  Many times these members feel left out and that their service to the local congregation is no longer needed.  The Young at Heart ministry is designed to reverse this mindset and encourage our “elder” members to stay involved in the Lord’s work.  Our motto is, “No Senior Left Behind” as we do not want any Young at Heart member to feel that they are less important to the congregation and to be left out.

The Young at Heart ministry provides opportunities to serve.  Many of our members are able to provide much-needed help to other ministries within the congregation.  We encourage each member to use their talents in all the ministry areas of the congregation. 

Some of these service opportunities include:

  • Preparing materials for the Peru Mission Trip
  • Assisting in the Care Bear Ministry
  • Assisting the office with mail-outs
  • Working with the Prison Ministry

A second way that we encourage our senior members is through fellowships and day trips. These opportunities are a wonderful way for our members to get better acquainted and also to give them some events to look forward to.  Some example events include:

  • Pot luck meals at the building
  • Cook outs
  • Luncheon trips to area restaurants
  • Day trips to interesting sights

While many of the events are monthly, the Young at Heart members also participate in an annual fall retreat, which includes chartered bus service, hotel accommodations and site-seeing opportunities.  Combined with devotionals and keynote sessions, the annual retreat is a highlight of the year.

The Young at Heart ministry is the means by which we convey to our “senior” members how important they are to the Madison congregation.