World Missions

We believe in using our resources to fulfill the great commission of growing the Kingdom of God all across the globe. To do this, we strategically partner with missionaries and efforts in parts of North and South America, Africa, Asia, India, and Europe. 

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World Mission Africa

WMA is led by Barry Smith, a member at Madison. The partnership began in 2014. The focus of the work is Africa and includes a presence in these 7 African countries:  Ghana, Liberia, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda & Zambia.

Partners 4 Africa

Dorian Flynn works with missionaries all throughout the continent of Africa.


Sower is headed by Dr. Jeremy Barrier, a professor from Heritage Christian University. The partnership began in 2009. The focus of the work is Asia, particularly Vietnam, but also includes Peru, Brazil, and the Philippines

Curry Montague Hungary
Philip Ganta Middle East UAE Saudi Arabia
Larry Little Russia
Gjis & Arine Bardoel WME Netherlands Belguim
Rodolfo Espinoza Lawrenceburg Hispanic Ministry
Mike & Jenny Johnson Eastpoint, FL
Randy Short Brazil
Rafael Paguaga Panama
Abanto/Alata Peru
Wilson Orozco Columbia
Wilson Orozco Venezuela
John Pigg Mexico
Phil Waldron Honduras
Don Iverson India
Bill Ramsay South Korea
Wayne Parker Micronesian Islands
Chris Herd New Zealand
Demar Elam Philippines
Choate/Rushmore World Evangelism Several countries
Shane & Emily Fisher World Evangelism Several countries
Wayne & Janet Barrier China Several countries including Far East
Hong An Viet Nam
Larry Murdock VOT International Radio
Jeremy Barrier World Missions=Sower Several countries
Segbefia Ghana
Acquah Ghana
Taylor Ghana
Hiram Kenya
David Kolleh Liberia
Jones South Africa
Manuel South Africa
Mwkaboko Tanzania
Hanse Namibia
Pieters Namibia
Siazilo Zambia
Barry Smith World Mission Africa South Sudan Uganda
Dorian Flynn Partners4Africa Zimbabwe