We refer to our Sunday AM Bible study hour as Connect Groups. You can find more information about our Connect Groups here.

As we wrap up the year-long study of Discipleship and Caring for the lost, we will consider the question, “How do we condition ourselves, individually and collectively, to be an outreach type of people?”  We will use the book of Acts as a launching point to see how very first generations of Christ’s disciples developed themselves essentially “from scratch”.  Below is a list of the topics to be covered.  All are intended to strengthen and encourage us to be strong in the faith, and willing to share that faith with others.

College/Young Professionals – Room 201                               Kirk Hunt & Jason Helton
Young Couples, No Kids – North Balcony                                  Stan Sherrod
Preschool Families – Room 201A                                                Jesse Tubbs
Primary Families – Room 206A                                                    Kraig Behel
Teen Parents – Madison Room                                                     Larry Smith
Empty Nesters – Echo Room (200A)                                            Wan Yates & David Glenn
Mature Singles – Room 202A                                                       Darrin Barr & Larry Mack
Young at Heart – Annex                                                                E.R. Brannan
Auditorium                                                                                      Mark Kelly, Bill Mitchell, Ronnie Missildine
Iglesia – Organización de la Iglesia de Cristo – Room 203A   Beto Huamani