We refer to our Sunday AM Bible study hour as Connect Groups. You can find more information about our Connect Groups here.
The class for the fall quarter of 2019 is meant to bring a sharper focus to our commitment as Disciples to be ready to give an answer for the hope that is in us. Our discipleship series this year has brought us to a clear realization that communicating our faith in the good news to others is a fundamental component of our life as a disciple. In this coming quarter, we are going to engage in building the knowledge and confidence to do just that. The quarter will center on 6 key topics that will almost always be touched in any spiritual discussion we will have with our friends and neighbors. We will examine each topic, examine the relevant scriptures, ask and answer the difficult questions, and engage in class exercises that help us build confidence in effectively communicating these truths. Each student will receive a class booklet with the text for the lessons and room for notes. Please join us as we all go together to “make disciples” in our nation!
College/Young Professionals – Room 201                                          Mark Hester
Young Couples, No Kids – North Balcony                                            John Walton & Adam Beard
Preschool Families – Room 201A                                                           David Dycus & Brian May
Primary Families – Room 206A                                                               Ben Thompson & Johnny Echols
Teen Parents – Madison Room                                                                Brandon Pressnell
Empty Nesters – Echo Room (200A)                                                       Kyle Massengale
Mature Singles – Room 202A                                                                   Vic Pratt
Young at Heart – Annex                                                                            Tony Hoover
Auditorium                                                                                                  Barry Smith
Iglesia – Organización de la Iglesia de Cristo – Room 203A               Beto Huamani