Limestone Correctional Facility

This ministry is broader in scope than the typical prison ministry. It doesn’t stop with converting the inmates to Christ, but works toward reconciling them to family and society also. It can be simply stated as a “ministry of hope designed to reconcile the incarcerated to God, his family and to society.” It is carried out through the following efforts:

  1. Bible classes aimed at behavior modification, conversion and spiritual growth.
  2. Correspondence courses aimed at conversion and spiritual growth.
  3. Courses to prepare inmates for release such as “Scriptural-Based Money Management.”
  4. Letter writing to inmates. Special guidelines are provided.
  5. Church sponsorship of a Faith Based Honor Dorm. An Honor Dorm is a place to live for those men who want to change their lives. It has an intense structure where responsibility and accountability are taught. Each resident is required to be enrolled in a religious class at all times.
  6. Family Night. Two special nights are set aside each year for Honor Dorm residents who meet certain strict standards. Friends and family can visit at these times. The church provides food and visits for those inmates who will be alone those nights.
  7. Worship services are conducted Sunday afternoons in the chapel of Honor Dorm 16, which the Madison church sponsors.
  8. Gospel meetings are held at the prison each year.
  9. Personal hygiene items for indigent inmates that are provided through voluntary contributions by members.
  10. Appreciation meals for the prison staff are provided periodically. Members of the Madison church serve these. 

Any member of the church can find a place to work in this ministry. However, this is an all-male prison and some of the work is limited to men and requires special training to enter the prison. The ministry leader can explain the above efforts in detail for those who are interested.