We believe that everyone needs a friend, and everyone needs a job.  On this page, you will find lots of useful information for getting plugged into the church.  At the very bottom of the page, you will find a reference list of all ministries, deacons, and ministry leaders.

how to get plugged in

Organization of Ministries

Click HERE to view our Organization of Ministries document. Here you will find a list of all Madison ministries with a mission statement and a list of areas for you to plug into using Ministry Scheduler Pro (see step 4). Listed at the bottom of this page you will also find a quick reference list of the current deacons, ministries, and ministry leaders.

Ministry Scheduler Pro (MSP)

Ministry Scheduler Pro (MSP) is our tool for involvement. It aids in scheduling and notifying ministry leaders of those looking to volunteer in each ministry. Click on the button below to create your profile. Use the tutorials located in the dropdown menu in the next section to guide you through creating and editing your MSP profile.


Download Our Involvement App

You can download the MSP app from both Apple and Android app stores. This is a great tool to view your schedule and submit a sub request. However, in order to edit your profile you must log in from a computer.

Plugged-In Class

Twice a year we offer what we call, the Plugged-In class. This class is offered for those new to the Madison church family as well as other members at Madison that would like to learn more about the various ministry opportunities available at Madison. Leaders from each ministry give a brief overview of their ministry as well as help those interested find ways to plug in. The Plugged-In class meets on Wednesday nights in the Spring and Fall.

List of Ministries & Leaders

Madison has organized its’ ministries into 7 Service Groups. Each service group is comprised of like ministries to allow greater cooperation and communication opportunities within the ministry. Our Service Groups are: 1) Assemblies, 2)Education, 3) Edification,4) Benevolence, 5) Missions, 6) Outreach, and 7) Church Operation. Each of these Service Groups provides a multitude of areas where our members can serve the church and our community. When members log in to our involvement database, Ministry Scheduler Pro (MSP), they will see this same Service Group organization to make it easier for our members to find opportunities to serve.

Finance Committee
covers all Service Groups
Committee (Roger Beck, Nick Jackson, *Dale Kirkland, *Bill Mitchell, Ed Mobley, *Trey Pope, Stan Sherrod)
Worship PlanningJim Brodie *Brandon Pressnell
SingingJonathan Bowers, Keith Parrish
UshersJeff Crews
GreetersMatt Gibson, Paul Lanza, 
Audio VisualChet Brittingham, *Jason Helton
Kid’s Corner*Jordan Abrams
SecurityGreg Dean
Communion Jeff Davidson, Brian Ortner
Offsite Devotionals*Andrew Itson
Adult EducationCommittee (Mike Baker, Kraig Behel, David Glenn, *Jason Helton, Robbie Jones, Mark Kelly, Michael Manasco, Ed Mobley)
Children Education(0-6th grade)Adam Beard, Jon Richardson
Youth Education (7th-12th grade) *Jordan Abrams, *Richard Turner
Lads to Leaders / Bible BowlWesley Canerday, Brent Gaddes, Michael Rainey
Children’s LibraryCraig McKnight
Ladies MinistryBart Graham
Men’s MinistryDale Palmer, David Wade, Peter Wingard
Connect Group MinistryAddison Rush, Kam Walker
Youth Ministry*Jordan Abrams, *Richard Turner
College/Young Professionals Ministry Jeff Gaddes, Ron Missildine
Young At Heart MinistryNorm Glock, Richard Todd, Zac Wood
Member Communications*Jason Helton 
New Member EngagementAndrew Dunaway, Will Stewart
CounselingPatrick Butler
FellowshipBryan Ridenour, Jimmy Romines
BenevolenceTim Brown, Charles Crane, Jeff Holmes, Tony Kather, Kevin Reynolds, J Walton
Benvolence- InstitutionalRobby Koester, J Walton
Disaster Relief Leo Lawson, Matt Mobley
World, Africa, Europe, &
Global Mission Support
Committee (*Siegfried Bill, Brett Henderson, Mike Houts, Keith Olree, Bennie Pinckley, *Wan Yates)
Prison*Siegfried Bill
Hispanic*Beto Huamani, Vic Pratt
Madison Kids CareKevin Barnes, Aaron Howell, Brittany Ortner (Director)
Annual Community Events*Andrew Itson, Craig Lamb
SMILES (Special Needs)Blake Burden
Media Outreach Ministry*Jason Helton, David Tenneson
Seed Sowers MinistrySpencer Hyman, *Trey Pope
New Day Ministry
 (Substance Abuse/Recovery)
Robin Entrekin
BBC- Bible Correspondance CourseKen Thomas
Tech SupportChet Brittingham
Office ManagementOffice Contact – Julie Graham
Building Maintenance*Joe Harless
Grounds Maintenance*Jerome Harmon
Vehicle Maintenance* Kevin Smith

* indicates ministry leader