We have slightly altered our schedule for tonight and wanted to make sure everyone is aware of the plans for this evening. In the auditorium, we will be having a Bible study led by our ministers that continues our emphasis on addictions and the challenges we face in being enslaved to sin. We will also be offering a secular presentation downstairs in the Madison room for anyone that is interested in the law implications regarding social media and the internet. Our guest speaker, Patrick Caver, is an attorney in the juvenile court system and will be sharing some very important information regarding the laws surrounding social media and online activity. This is an area that we feel is becoming increasingly important for our families to be aware of and a very relevant topic with regards to our focus on addictive behaviors. Though secular in content, we believe utilizing this time for this purpose is of tremendous value for our church family.
In an effort to make this information available to most of our teachers, we have scheduled a special program for all K-6th-grade students. Parents may drop off and pick up their K-6th graders in the Fellowship Hall. The Madison Room presentation will run from 6:30-7:30. Our Bible study in the auditorium will be our regular 45-minute study, with a break at 7:15 followed by a devotional in the auditorium.
We look forward to seeing everyone tonight!
Your Shepherds