Bible Class List

The congregational theme for 2020 is “Engage: Better Together”. In our Sunday morning adult classes this quarter, we will focus on how we are Better Together when we are Working Together. Our classes will learn from the “One Another” Passages in the New Testament. Each class will study from a common core group of passages, and then will branch out into passages that speak to the common interests and needs of that particular connect group. Come and join us on Sunday mornings as we discover that by Engaging and WorkingTogether, we truly are Better Together!
College/Young Professionals – Room 201 Danny Holmes / Aaron Luchini

Young Couples, No Kids – North Balcony Jason Helton / Jeffrey Gaddes

Preschool Families – Room 201A David Wade / Spenser Hyman

Primary Families – Room 206A David Glenn

Teen Parents – Madison Room Barry Smith
Empty Nesters – Echo Room (200A) William King
Mature Singles – Room 202A Jesse Tubbs / Larry Smith
Auditorium – David Whitworth
Young at Heart – Annex Mike Dozier
Iglesia – Organización de la Iglesia de Cristo Room 203A Beto Huamani
Heroes of Faith
Auditorium – Tony Hoover
The Bible has much to say concerning the matter of Faith, and examples of both strong faith and weak faith are plentiful. Jesus Himself identifies two opposite ends of the faith spectrum: a “Mustard Seed” faith in Matthew 17:20, and then a “Great Faith” when referring to the faith of the Roman Centurion in Luke 7:9. In our class this quarter, various teachers will lead us through a study of the lives of several Biblical “Heroes of Faith”. Our objective will be to encourage and motivate one another to remember what God has done and will do if only we will fully trust Him.
Jeremiah, The Weeping Prophet
Annex – E.R. Brannan
Jeremiah is one of the four giants among the prophets we call the Major Prophets to distinguish them from the twelve Minor Prophets. Jeremiah’s mission was a sad one. He was sent to preach a message the people did not want to hear and was rejected by his nation and home town even by his own family. He was destined to see his message ignored and the magnificent temple of Solomon destroyed, all the major buildings of Jerusalem torn down and the streets lined with dead bodies. All but the poorest were carried to Babylon where they were to remain for fifty years. His mission was a lonely one God having forbidden him to marry; only Baruk stood with him. His ministry extended over the reigns of five kings and led to his imprisonment at least four times and if tradition is correct he was stoned to death in Egypt. His life and teachings have many valuable lessons for us.
The Bible: What I believe about it, and why – Echo Room (200A)
Mark Kelly, Ed Mobley, Mike Houts, Jerry Fausz, Kraig Behel
To many outside the Body of Christ, the Bible is just another work of literature. Perhaps it may be admired, revered, even formally studied. But some may wonder if the Bible is really worthy of their belief, faith and obedience. We invite you to join us this Spring as we talk about five different categories where the Bible can be shown to be Authoritative. We will use this study not only to enhance our own faith, but to better equip ourselves to help others understand the “hope that lies within us” (I Peter 3:15). Come study with us!
Ladies Class – The Tabernacle: Beyond the Veil
206A – Rita Behel
In this study, we will take an in-depth look at the Tabernacle and its related ministries. Our goal is to gain a deeper understanding of God’s redemptive plan and Christ’s fulfillment of that plan. Ladies, please come join us as we study together!
Parables of Jesus
201A – Kyle Massengale
Jesus communicated deep spiritual truths through simple, vivid, and engaging stories. Woven from the stuff of first-century Jewish everyday life, the parables of Jesus made the kingdom of God understandable and accessible to his listener. This Deeper Connections class will give you the necessary historical background and fresh new insights into his parables and their meanings to help you apply these lessons to your own life.
Iglesia – El evangelio de Juan
The Office – Beto Huamani