We believe in growing disciples of Jesus. A big part of growing in Christ comes from learning more about God’s word, the Bible. Madison is a place where you can ask questions and reason together with other Christians to learn more about the life Christ calls us to live. 

Join us for Bible Study on Sundays at 5:00PM and Wednesdays at 7:00PM. Our Sunday studies are divided into general age and life stage groups while our Wednesday night studies are multigenerational. We encourage you to join any study that you are interested in.


“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” Romans 12:21

The theme of this passage is how to love with sincerity (verse 9), and the instructions require us to set aside our natural tendencies. God’s way always challenges our fleshly nature and calls us to live at a higher level. The human way is to curse those who curse us and try to overcome evil with more evil. But, according to Romans 12:21, we can only overcome evil with good. God’s goodness is stronger than any evil. During the quarter, we will focus on three areas: overcoming anger with love, overcoming materialism with generosity, and overcoming fear with faith. Our goal for the quarter is to help us understand when we respond to evil with humility and grace, we are proving that good triumphs over evil.


Room 201A

Richard Turner, Hayden Martin, Joseph Morris, Nicholas Moore

Young Couples

North Balcony 

Stan Sherrod, Brian May, Adam Chalmers

Preschool Families

Fellowship Room

Mike Baker, Stan Sherrod

Faith Builders

Room 206A

Jason Helton, Andrew Noles, David Glenn

Teen Families

Madison Room

Mark Kelly, Tom Learned, Wan Yates

Empty Nesters

Echo Room

Mike Dozier, David Glenn, Vinson Huegele

Mature Singles

Room 202A

Jason Waddell

Young at Heart


David Dycus, Brian Wisdom, Tom Learned


Our mid-week Bible studies are inter-generational studies that cover a variety of textual and topical studies. Join us each Wednesday night for Bible study at 7PM.

Singing Class

Echo Room

Colossians 3:16 says, “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, with thankfulness in your hearts to God.” This quarter we will teach and admonish one another through singing and edification. Each class will have a theme that will consist of a mixture of old and new songs along with scriptures and prayers. Join us each week as we teach and admonish one another with praise, glory, and honor to God.

2 Corinthians

Ben Thompson | 201A

Paul wrote 2 Corinthians from Macedonia a year or so after writing 1 Corinthians, during his third missionary journey. He had just finished his three-year ministry in Ephesus and was visiting the churches in Macedonia as he made his way to Corinth. In Macedonia he met Titus, who had returned from Corinth with news about the church there. This epistle stands out for its themes of comfort in the midst of affliction, strength in the midst of weakness (as exemplified by Paul himself), and discerning true teachers from false ones. Paul’s example and teachings in 2 Corinthians inspire us to remain true and faithful no matter the circumstances or the consequences.

Trading in My Cliff Notes Life

Danny Holmes, Matthew Houts, J Walton | 206A

Ever felt like you’re living an abridged hurry-hurry-hurry version of your best life? This quarter, three guys – all in different stages in the journey – will lead weekly discussions focusing on trading in the “Cliff Notes” versions of life for a new abundant life Jesus promised in John 10:10. Sharing Scripture, research, and anecdotes, we’ll try to make it simple … and take it

Changes in Attitude & Lattitude 

Mike Baker | Auditorium

Although the Bible is not a geography book, it is a book filled with geography. This geography influenced the way the authors of the Bible thought and communicated. Geography appears on nearly every page of our Bible. If we miss or misunderstand the geography of the Bible, we may miss or misunderstand a part of what God wants to share with us through His Word. During this class, we will see the importance of developing a mental map that is close to the one the biblical writers had when they wrote. We will understand the importance of organizing the Bible geographically to see the relationship between portions of the Bible that are linked to one another by location.

Minor Prophets

David Morrison | Fellowship Room

Paul tells us in Rom 15:4 that we have the Old Testament to teach us and give us encouragement. The minor prophets are full of lessons that are as applicable to us today as they were to the people long ago. In the minor prophets, we learn about God’s dealings with the Jews and the nations around them from about 800-400 B.C. In this class we will learn some of the historical background of the books, the theme of each book, how God deals with people in general, and something that will help us remember each book.


Schedule A Bible Study

We would love the opportunity to study the Bible with you! We believe the Bible is God’s word. It is inspired by Him and given to us to better understand who He is and better understand the life He calls us to live.

Suggest A Bible Study

We are always looking to make sure our lineup of Bible studies is Biblical and relevant. If you have an idea for a study, we’d love to hear about it. Click below to submit feedback to the Adult Education Committee.

prison minister

siegfried bill

I began working as the full-time prison minister at Madison in 2017. I am an assistant chaplain at the Limestone Correctional Facility and spend my time working with the inmates of the honor dorm. He also spends much of his time working with Project Rescue in Priceville, AL. Project Rescue is an addiction recovery program for men. I am married to Patti, and they have worshipped with Madison for over twenty years.

iglesia minister

beto huamani

I joined the Madison family in January of 2016. I started my career serving the Lord in 2000 in Lima, Peru, at the Lucyana Iglesia de Cristo, where I preached until 2007. On a medical mission trip, I met my wife, Emily, in Lima. We were married in Nashville, TN, in 2007. Since then, I have been working to help reach out to the Hispanic population as an ESL coordinator and Hispanic minister in Nashville, TN, Franklin, TN, and Peoria, IL.

I have a degree in Arts Education and am working on a Masters in Ministry. I have gained a great deal of experience with his field work in ministry and receive a lot of support and help from my wife. Emily and I are Alabama football fans (Roll Tide!), Kentucky basketball fans (Go Big Blue!), and Peru soccer/futbol (Arriba, Perú!). I like to travel, play music, and read. Emily and I are very blessed to be a part of the Iglesia and church family at Madison.

youth minister

jordan abrams

I joined our ministry team in March of 2020. I am a native of Mobile, AL but have spent much of my life in the Shoals area of Alabama, as well. I have a Bible and Ministry degree from Harding University. While at Harding, I met and married my incredible wife Lindsey, from Snellville, GA. I have been in full-time ministry since 2012.  In August of 2018, we were blessed with a precious little girl named Mallory. My favorite team is Alabama. I love the outdoors, watching college football, and hanging out with Mallory and Lindsey.

youth minister

richard turner

I began serving as a youth minister for Madison in January 2018. In June of that year, I married my wife, Sarah. I grew up in Oak Ridge, TN, and Sarah grew up in New Hope, AL. We both have a deep passion for working with young people. In 2017, I graduated from Freed-Hardeman University, receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Studies. My favorite hobbies include cheering for the Florida Gators, reading, hiking, traveling, and participating in athletics. I love being part of a church family where I can be one small part of a diverse family working towards growing the Kingdom numerically and spiritually.

preaching minister

andrew itson

Andrew is married to Lauri Ann and they have three children, two boys, Crews and Cameron, and one girl, Dawson. he began working with the Madison family in June of 2021. Before Andrew came to Madison he was the preaching minister at the Robertsdale Church of Christ in Robertsdale, AL and the Campus Minister at the University Church of Christ in Montgomery, AL. Andrew graduated with a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies from Faulkner University and a PhD in Leadership in Ministry and Religion from the University of the Cumberlands. Andrew loves hiking with his family, playing sports, coaching his kids, watching FSU football, reading, and eating at “hole in the wall”restaurants.

preaching minister

brandon pressnell

Brandon married his high school sweetheart, Cindy in May of 1996. They have three children, Kenzie, Gage, and Nick.  He has Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Biblical Studies from Faulkner University and has been in full-time ministry since 1995. He has served at Madison as Youth Minister, Family Minister, and most recently as Preaching Minister since his arrival in January of 2000. In addition to preaching alongside Andrew, Brandon enjoys planning and coordinating our worship assemblies as well as spending time with our families, encouraging them with biblical and practical guidance.  For relaxation, Brandon enjoys almost every sport, singing, art, and hanging out with his family and friends.  

media outreach minister

jason helton

In August of 2007, following three Summer internships at Madison, I joined the Madison ministry team as a full-time youth minister alongside Brandon Pressnell. In August 2017, I transitioned into my current role as Media Outreach Minister. The purpose of my role is to create content that communicates the Gospel and connects the church. 

In 2008, I graduated from Faulkner University with a degree in Youth & Family Ministry. I am currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Online Ministry. I married my wife, Ellen, in the Fall of 2011, and we have four children: Norah, Owen, Benjamin, and Nolan. We live in Harvest and enjoy hiking, Alabama football, Chicago Bulls basketball, good food, good music, traveling, photography, and Krispy Kreme.