Bible Studies

We believe in growing disciples of Jesus. A big part of growing in Christ comes from learning more about God’s word, the Bible. Madison is a place where you can ask questions and reason together with other Christians to learn more about the life Christ calls us to live. 

Join us for Bible Study on Sundays at 5:00PM and Wednesdays at 7:00PM. Our Sunday studies are divided into general age and life stage groups while our Wednesday night studies are multigenerational. We encourage you to join any study that you are interested in.

Schedule A Bible Study

We would love the opportunity to study the Bible with you! We believe the Bible is God’s word. It is inspired by Him and given to us to better understand who He is and better understand the life He calls us to live.

Suggest A Bible Study

We are always looking to make sure our lineup of Bible studies is Biblical and relevant. If you have an idea for a study, we’d love to hear about it. Click below to submit feedback to the Adult Education Committee.


Developing Spiritual Habits

This Summer , our adult Bible classes on Sunday night will focus on 5 Spiritual Habits: Worship, Prayer, Bible Study, Confession, and Acts of Service. Our format will be different from our regular connect groups. To create more inter-generational Bible study opportunities, we will offer these five topics and ask everyone to rotate through the classes throughout the Summer. Our teachers will be preparing 3-week studies on each topic. We have asked them to do this to help encourage people to be a part of multiple topics throughout the quarter.

Teachers will start from the beginning of their material every three weeks and repeat their classes. While everyone won’t be able to complete all five topics during these 11 weeks, we hope that this format will allow you new opportunities to study alongside and learn from voices that you may not have heard before and prioritize the topics that are most interesting to you.  We hope everyone will take this opportunity to learn and grow together! Below you will find the topics, teachers, and class locations.

Echo Room – Brandon Pressnell – Worship

Madison Room – Andrew Itson – Prayer

201A – Mark Hester – Study

206A – Jason Helton & Jonathan Barksdale – Confession

Fellowship – David Hargett – Acts of Service