What can we expect in the assemblies at the building?
  • Gathering with like-minded Brother and Sisters all meeting at 10:30AM
  • Designated areas of parking and seating, 6 feet from closest family
  • Worshipping along with Pre-recorded Worship on video screens
  • No handshakes or hugs please
  • Enter and leave building thoughtfully and respectful of guidelines
Why are we utilizing pre-recorded worship over a live worship assembly?
  • Priority #1: Unity of experience and content
  • Logistics of having leadership for all four assemblies
  • Live worship is the goal, this is phase one of our return
Will there be any Bible classes offered at the building?
  • Not at this time
  • We will continue to offer our online Connect Group classes on Sundays and our Summer     Series speakers on Wednesday nights.
  • As restrictions are lifted, this will be reevaluated
Will the restrooms be available?
  • Yes, each assembly will be connected to specific bathroom facilities
  • Please wash hands thoroughly
  • Try to avoid touching surfaces if possible
How will we offer Communion and take up the Offering?
  • Individualized Communion packets will provided for pick-up by each family
  • An Offering basket will be available to drop off your contribution
Are there any special expectations the Elders have?
  • Respect each other’s views on safety, please
  • No pressure to move beyond comfort zones of the membership
  • Be patient with this brand new process
  • Pray for a wonderful experience together!
  • Know that there is no precedent for what we are doing
  • Worship God, Spur one another on to love and good works
What can members do to prepare for these assemblies?
  • Stay healthy, come clean and sanitary
  • Pray for its success and for everyone to remain healthy
  • Come with a spirit of cooperation
  • Carefully consider what is best for your family’s circumstance
Will there be extra measures to sanitize the building?
  • The building will be professionally cleaned and sanitized prior to arrival
  • The building will be professionally sanitized after dismissal as well

Will there be an opportunity for fellowship beyond the worship assemblies?

  • Encouraging everyone to enter and leave the building orderly
  • Maintain 6 feet social distancing, even in parking lot
  • Please enjoy conversations in the parking lot