At Madison we have prepared and created devotional resources before. Most of those devotional books were designed to increase and aid in our Bible study habits or our prayer life. This has been so well received and we are excited that our members have taken the tools we provide to build their knowledge of scripture and to connect with God. Thank you for always giving yourself to the purpose of these great studies.

One area that we’d like to encourage you to challenge yourself is in the ability to articulate your personal convictions and your connection to the principles of God’s word. In other words, we’d like for everyone to get more comfortable with their personal identity in Christ. What has God done for you? In what ways can you see God in the midst of your life? How does a particular passage of scripture move you to alter your life or to impact the decisions you make? These questions may seem elementary at their face value, but when you consider that God asks us to “share” what we know with others, to “tell” of what Christ has done for the world, and to make known the gospel to those who are lost, the need to be able to express our thoughts along with the passion of conviction is of great importance.

This journal is meant to provide a blank canvas for those expressions, an opportunity to meditate upon God’s precepts and jot down personal thoughts of why God’s teachings move you to action. Write from the heart. Be honest. Challenge yourself. Be artsy, if you like. But above all, personalize God’s teachings to your life, habits, priorities, and convictions. This expression will empower you with a greater desire to share because it IS personal. God loves you. Deepen your love for Him.

Click the image above to download a PDF of the Responsibility journal.