The Madison Church of Christ Mother’s Morning Out (MMO) Program is a service offered each Tuesday through Friday from 9:15 AM to 1:00 PM for children 18 months through preschool age. The children are in a warm, friendly, safe Christian environment staffed with qualified and competent Christian teachers who love and appreciate each child. The children will learn the Bible, about God’s world, basic moral values and how to get along with others. The children will be taught in an environment that will help them to develop their individual learning skills.
Angie McClure serves as the Director of the program which functions under the guidance of Deacon Kraig Behel. The Madison Church of Christ Eldership oversees the entire program. Our goal is to help young mothers or fathers by providing them with a loving place to leave their children for a short time during the day, something much more than childcare.
1. Registration is now open for our Fall program.
2. The Fall Session is open Tuesday through Friday.
4. The first day of the Fall Session will be Tuesday,                     September 4, 2018.