PART ONE: Sometimes as Christians we become content in our salvation so that we stop growing in our spiritual walk. God’s people we never meant to stay put spiritually. In the Lost Series, we re-connect with what it means to be lost and what it truly means to be saved.

PART TWO: What does it mean to be truly lost? To be without God? Is there hope for someone who is lost? Part two of the Lost Series explores answers to each of these questions.
PART THREE: Ron discusses what it means to be spiritually lost by sharing his journey to finding salvation in Christ. He discusses what it means to him to know friends and family that are in a lost relationship with God and how that weighs on him.
PART FOUR: For Deborah, growing up believing in God came easy. However, truly following God and placing His will before her own was a very different story.
PART FIVE: From being a teenager on the streets of Chicago to a murder conviction and death row, Timothy shares the powerful and moving transformation that God has brought about in his life. Sometimes spiritual freedom is found in the most unlikely of places.