We refer to our Sunday AM Bible study hour as Connect Groups. You can find more information about our Connect Groups here.
College/Young Professionals – Room 201 Mike Baker & Spenser Hyman
Everything I Need to Know, I Learned in Bible Class
We all have our favorite Bible stories. Often they are stories that we learned as children and were told to us by parents and grandparents. Sometimes we view these as children’s stories and dismiss them when we are adults. 2 Timothy 3:16 tells us that all scripture is profitable, so this quarter we will examine these “children’s” stories to see how they profit us as adults.
Young Couples, No Kids – Room 203A – Stan Sherrod
Sunday School 401
If we were blessed as children to regularly attend Sunday School at church, we are familiar with the people whose lives and experiences have been recorded in the Bible – Noah, Joseph, David, Paul, etc. As children we learned about these people and how God was involved in their lives. As we have matured we have the opportunity to revisit these stories and see them from the viewpoint of an adult – without adding things that aren't there. Doing so allows the scripture to reveal how God interacts with His children. This quarter we are going to revisit many of these stories and see how they speak to us today and gain confidence by knowing our God has not left us alone.
Primary Families – Room 206A – Connect Group Members
All I Really Needed to Know I Learned in Bible School
The purpose of our study this quarter is to go deeper in our understanding of the Bible and God’s will by looking at events and people in Scripture that we may have previously only looked at from an elementary perspective. There are several events in Scripture that are familiar to us because they are often designated as being children’s stories. This approach can leave us missing deeper truths that God intends for us to understand. The men from our Connect Group will seek to look at context (both historical and cultural), personalities, and how our current culture can relate to the events and people in our selected passages. It’s our desire to go from being familiar with Bible stories to being intimately knowledgeable of the Scriptures.
Teen Parents – Madison Room Kraig Behel & Bart Graham
All I Need to Know, I Learned in Bible Class
Many of us spent our formative years in Sunday School learning what are now familiar Bible stories. Join us this quarter as we re-visit some of those stories to refresh our memories and perhaps gain a fresh perspective on them. We will address items such as historical accuracy, plausibility, spiritual application, and faith building. We look forward to a great study together!
Empty Nesters – Room 200A Mike Dozier
Everything I need to know, I learned in Bible Class
Mrs. Joyce, Mrs. Paulie, Mrs. Christine, etc…. The list could go on of teachers that taught us lessons from the Bible as we grew up in Sunday School. We owe our thanks to our Sunday School teachers and lessons that they laid as a foundation of our faith. For many of us, these lessons are engrained into our minds. But when was the last time, we re-visited these stories and examined them in detail as adults. There are so many wonderful hidden treasures and interesting facts that we can now glean from each of these stories. This quarter we will look at some of these Bible stores again (and in detail) to better apply them to our lives as adults and Empty Nesters. Each class will have a theme, one or many Bible stories and life applications.
Mature Singles – Room 112A Joe Harless
Everything I Need to Know, I Learned in Bible Class
Most people can recount some of the big stories in the Bible – Adam and Even the Garden, Noah and the flood, Jonah and the Fish, David and Goliath. But do we always seethe significance these far-ranging stories as they relate to the whole story of Scripture? How do these stories teach us ethically or morally? How do they relate to the other stories in Scripture and to our lives today? Come join together as we discuss some of these stories and join in a quest to answer some of these questions.
Young at Heart – Annex Bob Black & Ed Carpenter
Memories, oh how precious they can be. Think back to the days of our youth when we heard those wonderful Bible stories: Young David slaying the giant; Daniel in the Lion’s Den; Noah and the great flood. We learned many lessons from these stories as told by our Sunday school teachers, parents, grandparents, and others. They were an integral part of our lives and we still remember and tell them to our children and grandchildren. During this quarter, we will examine these enduring Bible stories to see what additional lessons apply to us today. In addition to David, Daniel and Noah, we will study 9 other great Biblical stories learned in our earlier years.
Auditorium  Ron Thomas & Larry Smith
All I Need to Know, I Learned in Bible Class 
In 2 Timothy 3:16 God's word states that "All scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness; so that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work." During the Winter Quarter, we look at familiar Bible stories, some we have heard since early childhood, looking for truths we would not have understood when we first heard them as children. As we reexamine these “children’s stories” we focus on the spiritual principles demonstrated and their application to our lives as adult men and women. As we have come to know and become obedient to the Gospel, it is easier to see God’s purpose and His will as He dealt with people before the Cross. Hopefully, we can apply this knowledge to our lives in these times and be better “equipped for every
good work.”